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What's Inside? Only the Good Stuff

No Sugar, Junk or Artificial Additives

We've Got The Good Stuff

Most energy drinks are not good for you – they’re loaded with high sugar, artificial sweeteners and synthetic caffeine.

That’s why we designed an energy drink made with 100% natural caffeine that comes from organic green tea leaves. Each serving provides 100mg of caffeine, equivelant to a cup of coffee. No artifical flavors, colors, or sweeteners, so you can energize naturally!

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We've Got Real Good Taste

It’s real simple – we’ve got real good, real fruit taste, with only the best in natural and organic flavors. all sweetened with natural Stevia leaf.

That's because we wanted to make an energy drink that tastes delicious and is much better for you than other energy drinks. Just healthy, clean goodness and amazingly great taste!

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